My postings for this week are running behind sched…

My postings for this week are running behind schedule because we are in Hawaii shooting a wedding and internet is hit and miss. Here’s a few shots from the night before we took off.

For more lightining shots, check out my buddies’ blog at

30 thoughts on “My postings for this week are running behind sched…”

  1. I’m hooked. I’m somebody who visits everyday looking for the next series of pics. Sorry about the Internet – not thatI had anything to do with it. I just know it stinks. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  2. im with erin, i have added to my fav files and linked up on my blog also… can’t help it! lol the lighten pics remind me of my trip to the keys for my wedding… our plane got struck by lighting… CRAZY! you could feel your hair stand up a little bit! ugh.. what a crazy experiance.

  3. You work is simply awesome! Thank you for sharing them with us! Like everybody, I also visit everyday. No pressure, continue to have fun with your photos, it shows in your art pieces!

  4. Storm Chasing Mikey

    Oh man, am I jealous. I just started shooting lightning about a month ago. I have some work to do compared to your shots. Great work!


  5. Just wanted to know that I love your pics…they made me want to get a decent camera instead of the disposable ones I’ve been using lately.

    I’m adding you to my links list, hope that’s cool with you.

  6. wow. I would ask you to shoot my future wedding, but I think I want to marry you. I hate to say it, but I have a hard time believing that you will be able to improve from here, but then, I obviously lack your remarkable vision. I only hope that you keep posting as you have been, since I much prefer the world as I see it through your lens. I spend more time reading the comments on your page than I do working on my own, which I now have to request that you not visit. It’s an embarrassment really. A nice picture might spruce it up though. hmm…

  7. I love to shot, and see, pictures of the night, the storms, and so on. During the night.. every thing, every shadow, every cloud, are painted in a different way.

  8. Is it that you just seem to be at the right place at the right time or are you just damn lucky! You have given me inspiration. Time wipe the dust of my camera thanks to you.

  9. That is so cool! I’ve alway’s wanted to try to shoot lightening, but I’ve never taken the chance…Hope you had a great time in Hawaii!

  10. You must have great equipment, training and skills. I’m impressed (and a little jealous). Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to investigate a career in photography. LIFE just got in the way. Perhaps you’ll by my inspiration to seek what has been shelved away for so long. I’ll keep checking your blog each day for new and exciting developments.

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