Napa Vineyard Wedding – Chad & Shaina

Chad and Shaina’s Napa Vineyard Wedding was one that Tim and I will never forget. The day started out with Shaina surrounded by her dearest friends and loved ones, a small gathering when considering her ability to make us feel like family when we first arrived. This day was set aside just for them, the rest of their many, many friends were invited to the Santa Barbara reception (more on that to come later).

Everything took place at a family friend’s private estate at a Napa Valley vineyard, one of Tim and I’s absolute favorite places on earth!

napa vineyard bride sitting on chair getting ready for wedding

napa vineyard bride toasting bridesmaids before wedding

Chad hung out with his best buddies nearby, but out of site, at the Napa estate’s vineyards. Tim’s ability to connect with the guys allowed for some incredibly fun memories for Chad with his best friends.

napa vineyard groom with groomsmen and bird in background

groom hanging out with groomsmen before his napa vineyard wedding
Soon after, the Napa Vineyard Wedding began as Shaina’s sister escorted her Mom to the ceremony site.
mom and bride's sister walk down isle at napa vineyard wedding
Shaina’s dad, who has a heart of gold by the way, proudly walks his daughter down the isle. I just love this moment where you can read so much emotion in his face – a mixture of sincere happiness, excitement with a hint of sadness as he is about to give Shaina away.
bride walks down isle with dad at her napa vineyard wedding
Chad’s expression too, is priceless, as he watches his bride-to-be walk down the isle with his best man beside him, completely overwhelmed at the scene before him.
groom at alter as bride walks down isle of their napa vineyard wedding
bride smiling at groom at their napa vineyard wedding
groom smiling at bride at their napa vineyard wedding
bride reading vows to groom at their napa vineyard wedding
groom laughing while reading vows at his napa vineyard wedding
Chad and Shaina wrote their own vows to each other as her dad married them… naturally bringing tears to all of their eyes.
bride crying while reading vows at her napa vineyard wedding
Following the ceremony Chad and Shaina’s get-away car was a Kawasaki Mule! I love this shot of their friends cheering them on as the drive away from their Napa Vineyard Wedding.
bride and groom drive away hitched after their napa vineyard wedding ceremony
Later, as we played this image below in their slideshow, Shaina’s dad told us that this shot capture’s their personalities and relationship perfectly! What an awesome compliment, Tim and I are always striving to make our images centered around who the bride and groom are as a couple.
bride and groom driving around napa vineyard after wedding ceremony
bride standing with bridesmaids in front of napa vineyard wedding location
groom kissing bride after wedding while he dips her in front of a napa vineyard

close up of ring on brides hand with groom at their Napa Vineyard Wedding

bride and groom walking through Napa Vineyard after their Wedding

bride and groom holding rings out and kissing at their Napa Vineyard Wedding

From start to finish, Chad & Shaina’s Napa Vineyard wedding was a heat-felt, emotional day filled with love from family members and long-time friends. It was truly an honor to be a part of, Tim and I will always remember it fondly!
private home with a Napa Vineyard Wedding at dusk

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