New and old

New and old

24 thoughts on “New and old”

  1. your pictures are awesome. 😉 i LOVE taking pictures… i wish that was my job… but im just a lone secretary! 🙁 owell… hee hee i burn my little digital camera up. it takes ok pics but i would like to get a better one… the wedding pic from your friends wedding in july (i think) was FULL of love! 🙂 i could FEEL it from that pic. anyway, just wondering a bit on blogger… suppose to be working right now.. but it’s FRIDAY!!!! whoo hoo. 🙂 im sure i’ll be back for more because i love the shots you have posted so far! 🙂

  2. Great pics. I was nice to find another blogger from the Central Coast. I am in Florida now for school. I am just getting into photography with my 35mm Canon Rebel. Not to much to take photos of back here though. Keep up the good work.

  3. you know… I love taking pictures… but i never seem to look at them after… I’m studying to be an architect and I mostly sketch… seems like i read what i would be photography better when I sketch. maybe one day you’ll photo my buildings, it’s a possibility

  4. I think this is a cool site… I love pictures, sometimes they say a LOT more than words ever could… a good pic can hit your emotions better than any sequence of words a person can put together… I hit on another site that’s pretty cool with pics, not sure if you’ve seen it… it’s called


  5. your pictures are really amazing, i enjoy them a lot…
    You can make me feel “something” with them. and that’s good.

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