New Canon 5d mkii a true disappointment :-(

Wow… I’ve been holding my breath and holding my breath and crossing my fingers and doing the pee dance waiting for Canon to release their 5d replacement camera (5D MKII).

I’ve known in the back of my head for months that this camera would end all cameras, that Canon would come over the top of Nikon and release something AMAZING!!!! Auto focus would ROCK and that the ISO noise levels would be something NEVER seen before.

Well, the back of my head was wrong (it often times is) The new Canon 5D MKII will be based HEAVILY on the previous 5d parts… same auto focus (HUGE HUGE HUGE disappointment) same mirror/shutter box (dies after 100,000 shots – meaning I get to replace a shutter once a year or more…) same lightweight plastic feeling body and much more.

The only good news, better noise, but honestly, if I can’t have a camera that focuses immediately (my 1D MKII does!) then I don’t care about how good the noise is, I’ve just missed my shot!

Come on Canon… putting in the same auto focus as the OLD 5d… if you want me to buy a new camera every 3 years, at least make the camera better… not just the sensor.

I’ve refused all along to admit that the 5d is a “pro” body and I still refuse to view it as such when it is so limited in it’s quality (the mirror just fell out of my friend’s 5d body) A pro body can take the wear and tear and keep on ticking, an integral vertical grip is essential (think Nikon F4 people!!!) (does’t have to come with one, but at least one that fits the camera exactly and doesn’t feel like a lump of plastic screwed to a plastica camera)

Can you tell I’m sad? Seriously, I’ve been holding my breath for this camera thinking it would be something special.

Instead of creating better auto focus, they’ve made it so the camera can shoot HD video… cute, but really? (I’m sure the next version of digital SLR cameras with HD built in will be cool, but at this point, they’re an over-weight point and shoot video camera built into a wanna-be pro body)

Looks like tomorrow I’m headed to Scamy’s Camera to see what the new nikons really are all about. (do I hang my head in shame as I think of walking away from Canon? or do I walk away with up-lifted head as a prodigal son coming back to his father’s house? – I was Nikon first….)

Seriously though, I had higher hopes for Canon’s efforts…

edit: I guess it’s good for 150,000 frames, but still…

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