Our family grew by two today!!!! ;-)

Wow… what can I say, growing your family is just a fun fun thing to do, especially when that family consists of Apple Computers!!!

With the addition of these two brand spanking new screaming little iMacs our family has grown from 5 to 7!!!! I’m soooo proud.

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11 thoughts on “Our family grew by two today!!!! ;-)”

  1. i have a question for ya bro. i saw your post on the kiss books and wanted to know how many pages your sample was. And also how much the sample costs. I think i wanna start using KISS. Congratz on the new macs! i just gt my first!! I will never go back!!!

  2. Ja, why?
    So as far as the desert goes: It’s a spirits path. The place is special and not something that is shared via email but more like over a campfire.
    hope all is well,

    talk soon…

  3. You two are funny! Well you may not have poopy diapers but I can bet there will be times when your up at all hours of the night. 🙂 Notice that I am writing this at 12:31am.

    Congratulations on the new arrivals!

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