Photographers facing scrutiny…

I worked as a photojournalist for a few years back in the day at the Tehachapi News (a small hometown weekly newspaper).

The job was a BLAST! I’d just finished high-school and suddenly I had this awesome full-time job in a respected industry. I got to drive around, take pictures of stuff, and then see it in print once a week! too cool!

But, after a while I reaelized I couldn’t do that full-time for the rest of my life! Showing up at accident scenes where someone had died, or where someone was seriously injured and their family was crying, I didn’t get a kick out of shooting that stuff. Also, the pay cap on what you can make as a photojournalist is kinda low for my dreams…

So, I became a wedding photographer here in Santa Barbara! I haven’t looked back, and I LOVE it! I went to Brooks Institute of Photography in the same town, Santa Barbara, and learned a TON about photography. (I like to tell people that I went to school for three years to learn how to push the button on a camera)

Just the other day I was reminded of how awesome it is to have the creative freedom I do in my job! I can take photographs and tweak them in Photoshop, I can remove unwanted things like houses, powerlines and other things that were beyond my control when I captured the picture, allowing me to make a good picture into a GREAT piece of art for someone’s home!

As a photojournalist for a newspaper, there are a bunch of ethical rules you have to follow which don’t allow you to tweak photos around too much…

Well, Allan Detrich was a photographer working at the Toledo Blade newspaper. He shot the following picture, which was tweaked in Photoshop to remove some legs from under a sign… He came under such scrutiny for what he did that he ended up quitting his job.

I’m sooo glad that I can add an extra tree to make something look better and people appreciate it.

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