Playful Estancia Resort wedding published in Quest Magazine

Seeing our weddings featured in books, magazines, TV and online is always a kick in the pants. I’m proud to share Grace and Steven’s wedding from Estancia Resort which was recently featured in Quest Magazine.

With their simple yellow accents featured throughout the wedding, Steven gave a bit of a surprise with wearing my favorite socks – and on top of that, convincing all of his groomsmen to follow suit. Their playful attitudes helped pull together a relaxing wedding atmosphere where both they and their guests were able to enjoy the beautiful surrounds and each others company.

featured Estancia resort wedding


Estancia Resort provided a stunning backdropped filled with a great mixture of different looks to play with throughout the wedding day.

Estancia Resort wedding published cover

Their expressions made my day as Grace was smiling non-stop both due to her own personality as well as the warming presence of those surrounding her throughout the day. The way she lit up ever time she caught eyes with Steven was second to none.


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