Please go to this page and vote for this shirt!!!!

It’s not often that I find a t-shirt that just screams my name… but today my buddy Kenny pointed one out to me and I MUST HAVE IT!!!!

The bad news is, it’s sold out!!!!

So, I need you, my blog reader’s help… you need to go to this url for Threadless T-shirts and click on the “are we sold out of your size” link… type in your email address and click “sign up”

You won’t be added to some spam list, you’ll just be notified when the shirts are available again. (basically, each time someone puts their email addy in, the computer counts that as a vote for the shirt, if/when they get enough votes, they re-print the shirt and then they email everyone who said they’d want one)

Then… because I’ve already signed up with 5 different email addresses, I’ll get 5 emails telling me the shirts are ready, and I’ll go buy one in blue and one in pink. (I wear a medium, otherwise I’d already have the pink on it’s way!!!!)

And… if you already ordered this shirt in a size medium and haven’t worn it out yet, I’ll buy it!! 😉

Seriously, I’m soooo bummed these shirts are sold out. MUST HAVE ONE SOON!!

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