PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn Wedding – Paul and Kelly

Tahoe might well be one of the ultimate year-round adventure destinations with skiing, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking and sooooo much more at your finger tips – and the PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn played host to Paul and Kelly’s beautiful wedding.

Arriving in Squaw Valley for my first time I was in awe of the depth of this “small” valley and the mountains surrounding it. Though my heart longed to jump on a mountain bike and start riding the hills, I could only dream of what the PlumpJack Inn must look like in the winter covered in snow!

One of the most precious moments I’ve witnessed at a wedding was between Kelly and her mom – I wish every bride could have a moment like this on their wedding day:

Kelly and her mom Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley is breathtaking enough on it’s own to cause car accidents as you drive around staring up at the mountains – I can’t think of a better place to explore for pictures on your wedding day.

Paul and Kelly on the fence in Squaw Valley

PlumpJack Wedding Veil

Plumpjack wedding prep wedding dress detail

Wedding veil detail

Squaw Valley wedding prayers


The light that flows into Squaw Valley’s Queen of the Snow Catholic Church makes you feel like you are still outside in the beautiful mountain surroundings.

Squaw Valley Catholic Church



I miss playing as freely as a child. The way they can just drop everything with a moments notice and just be running full speed with no care in the world is something that always makes me smile.

Kids running at Squaw Valley wedding

Kelly and Paul had me grinning from beginning to end, the way they fearlessly moved around the dance floor and how close they held each other, everything was right.

Paul and Kelly's PlumpJack wedding first dance


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