Poker night at DJ’s!!

Wow… so my buddy (and former boss) DJ hosted a poker night (planned by the one and only Chris Humphreys) DJ just bought a SICK house (well… soon to be sick, right now it’s pretty darn cool, but a bit awkward, but he’s working on that!) I’d seen videos and some pictures from his house and thought it looked pretty neat, but wow… I was BLOWN away at the view he had and just how magical of a location he’s got!! What a stud!

Ricky Mia, Chris and Katie Humphreys, David Jay, Cheryl and I, Forest and Raya Carlisle, Keats Elliot, Amy Nave, Jessica Claire and Gary Fong all made appearances. It’s such a blast when everyone get’s together!!

I made it to the final two at the table going head to head with my good buddy Ricky Mia. Well, he’s was in the lead by a bit, we both wanted to head down to the pool to smoke cigars, so we decided to just split the pot and enjoy a cigar! What a night and what a view!!! If you’re ever in SB, you definitely need to coherce DJ into hosting a poker party so you can play in the room with the best view EVER!!

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This is probably by far the WORST picture I have EVER posted on my blog… the view is to DIE for!

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