Pool diving sliding and more

Pool diving sliding and more

9 thoughts on “Pool diving sliding and more”

  1. lol looks like a fun time! 🙂 but it’s always fun when there is a “daredevil” to entertain! hee hee them are some good action shots! 🙂

  2. Hi Tim 🙂 I’m looking the particulars of the water.. the shapes that it “draws” on the picture..

    interesting.. take care of u 😉

  3. hi, stumbled upon your site a few weeks ago, gotten hooked ever since. love ya photos!! =) hope u don’t mind me linking frm my page though.. =P

  4. I’m hooked on your site too. You have a unique eye. LOL, and in this case…it’s literally a visual image we’re talking about.
    I was from Northern California, is that grass going to seed you photographed the following day?

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