Porch views

Porch views

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  1. i’m constantly amazed by your beautiful takes. i have always admired those who could capture the simplest moments and make it into a work of art. i wish i had the natural talent for photography as you do. =) continue to keep up the great work!

  2. Love your site
    Love your photos so much
    I really really really really really want to get a digital rebel xt.
    You have inspired me to take a photo a day.
    I think that is the best way to learn.
    Me no nada about photography, the lighting and stuff like that but I am hopping to train the eye and at least learn how to frame

  3. I have to agree with anonymous. Whilst I liked the cat shot (the idea of it rather than the execution of the photo), I find the majority of the photos on this page rather uninspiring. I don’t know why everyone is so impressed. Probably because most of them are not photographers!

    One thing I’ve discovered in the last few years is that non-photographers are generally easily impressed by pretty much anything.

    But it takes a little bit more to impress a photographer.

  4. Hello, I feel like your holding something back…some of your photos have such warm undertones-like the one of the feet-with the deep red carpet…but then others dont tell me anything at all. Though I must say you do use depth of field really well sometimes.So check out my blog as well-I’m an amature photographer(only 20)-who lives to make the most of every day.

  5. Pay no attention to the hoitee toitee critics.

    YOur pictures rock.

    All this ” I don’t know why everyone is so impressed. Probably because most of them are not photographers!” crap is just from a bunch of jealous gay men.

    Homos are so jealous of real work.

    Don’t take advice about your photography from men who obviously stick their dicks up a shity ass on a regular basis

  6. Hi… I don’t really think the blog is to impress anyone. I think it is more of what the owner said… A PHOTO A DAY.
    He takes a picture and that’s it, weather you like it or not… he’s just posting whatever. I saw his website, and i think there are a lot of pictures to backup the fact that he’s a good photographer.
    mmmm… that’s my impression… no mean to disrespect.

  7. i’d have to agree with some of the people’s comments. they don’t say much and just feel like happy snaps to me. nothing wrong with that though. still enjoy checking out the photo a day.

  8. I love the texture in the black and white stuff…And you should see my friend Saul’s blog – he’s a photographer for a newspaper here. There’s some fun stuff that you might enjoy (and funny pictures of me and my friends). The link on my page is “Less than a Minute…” Have a great day! 🙂

  9. I am amazed by your “eye” for photography. I am jealous of how well you can see images. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Good job!!

  10. Mr Negative – ‘Posting a photo a day’ that’s sort of the idea of a photoblog!

    I will leave it optional if anyone desires to look at my photography site!

  11. well,i just published the same comment on the other pics,so here it goes again:
    Your pics are really great!!
    Hey,Your friend,the younger one,on the left side,is really cute!!
    Could you give my adress to him?
    my e-mail and msn : [email protected]

  12. To anonymous (yet another who won’t reveal his/her identity),

    I can assure you I’m definitely not jealous of any other photographer!

    One of the great things about photography is that it evokes different opinions and feelings in different people. What I think is rubbish, somebody else will think is amazing! That’s the beauty of it. And as long as a photographer is happy with his/her work, then that’s all that counts.

    That’s all I wanted to say.

    Oh…and the less said about those gay remarks, the better. Clearly the warblings of a pillock!

  13. I’m really sad to see that my photos have caused some unrest. I was over on James Heneghan’s blog checking his stuff out (he’s working ona fun project documenting his time in Japan) and someone took it upon themselves to post some pretty nasty things, then sign themself off with my name and a link back to my blog.

    I hope everyone can see that the beautiful thing about photography is that everyone will have their own opinions. No one’s opinion is wrong. I live in America where we have the freedom to think and express what we like, but to do so under our own name.

    I appreciate everyone’s comments, positive or negative. As a photographer you learn that both of these are worthwhile and can be learned from and appreciated.

    So, for the record, anything posted from “Tim Halberg” is not me, all comments posted by me are done as Photo-A-Day, and will have my appriate picture, and a link to my profile, not to the front of my blog.

    Thanks a TON for checking out my pictures and giving me soo much encouragement.


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