Portraits of Cindy and Jeff from wine tasting in Santa Ynez

Cindy is a friend who I know from Brooks (and more so from Church) She lived here while going to school a few years ago and came back to visit with her boyfriend Jeff. It was really fun to hang out with these two, and then they volunteered to stand in front of my camera for me!!

I LOVE shooting pictures of couples, especially couples who like to have fun together and aren’t afraid to just be themselves. You know it’s a good shoot when you’re changing cards and you’re frustrated that the action is still going on and you just wish you could be capturing every last second of it.

Cindy and Jeff enjoying a moment together at Herny's Beach

Cindy and Jeff enjoy a quick and passionate kiss at Santa Barbara's Henry's Beach

What do you like better? Black and White:

Jeff and Cindy walking down Amour Road in Santa Ynez Wine Country Wedding Photography

Or color:

Santa Ynez Wine Country Weddings are beautiful

Jeff and Cindy neck a bit on the road for wedding photographer Tim Halberg

Jeff and Cindy can't contain themselves

I seriously LOVE black and white images. Does anyone feel like I need to add more color pictures, or are you with me on the creamyness of black and white?

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