Kary and Chuck – Sunnyside Lake House – Quist Estate Wedding

It’s probably pretty obvious that I love working with adventurous and mischievous couples – so it shouldn’t be an surprise that when Karey and Chuck contacted me about their Lake Tahoe wedding at the Quist Estate (Sunnyside Lake House) – I was pretty quickly sold by their personalities. If there were a couple this year that I’d choose to party with, these would be the winners! (don’t get me wrong, any excuse to hang out with any of my amazing couples is a win – but I’m pretty sure Chuck would be down with my level of trouble making – and Karey would probably laugh at us for support all the way through.)

As a couple, Chuck and Karey love planning their adventures in only the best way possible – by surprise. They have a system for creating a list of adventures/trips/locations and putting them all into a hat (not getting metaphoric here… they actually do this, and I’m taking notes – you should too) Karey and Chuck will then draw at random from the hat – and voila – they are in business – This is how they planned their honeymoon (it got complicated from what I understand – and at last check, I believe they may still be enjoying Lake Tahoe – but none-the-less, I can’t wait to find out where the hat landed them for their first married adventure.) (UPDATE – they announced the hat draw is taking them on a wedding honeymoon to the Azores!!!)

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