Rad Groomsmen Gifts for My Adventure Couples

I know a ton of you have smaller more intimate weddings, but I do still get a few larger weddings with bridal parties and for you, I was contacted by a company offering some pretty sweet gifts – I say, if I’d smile to get one of these, I might as well share with you.

Here’s what they shared with me:


Why are men so hard to shop for?

This is a question I ask myself every time my father’s birthday comes around and he shrugs and says, “I don’t know what I want.” 

Again! So here you are, stuck with doing the shopping for 3 guys? 5? 

Gifts for everyone from your husband’s cousin (who you met once at a party, when he was trying to pick up your friend) to your husband’s best friend, who thought he was going to be the best man, and didn’t quite make the cut.

At this point, bridesmaids all have their gifts, all the favors ordered, and your future husband has volunteered to get the best man “something awesome.” 

You’re not sure what that means, but thank goodness it’s one less thing to worry about.  

How to begin shopping?  

The Practical Wedding

At this point, you have probably thought of a tone for the wedding, and a budget for groomsmen. Perhaps your wedding is no-frills, functional and classic. There’s something quite classic about the “groomsmen’s kit.”  One example is this adorable personalized solitaire and knife kit. This is appealing especially if you have groomsmen who do not drink. 

Maglite Solitaire And Knife 

Maglite Solitaire and Knife Groomsmen Gift Set, $22.95, get one here

This adorable yet practical set includes a flashlight (the famously trusted Maglite) and a stainless steel pocket knife, which also opens into scissors, a fingernail file and nail cleaner (especially handy for that groomsman who needs a last-minute handcheck before meeting a date). The set comes with an easy strap and battery and is delightfully small, so he can pop it in his pocket and instantly be reminded of celebrating the special day with his friends. 

The colors make the engraving especially classic-the silver on black for the knife, in an elegant script, as well as white writing on the black Maglite. The entire gift box is only 6 inches, the knife 2 ¼”, and the Maglite just over 3”.

This very affordable gift costs even less if you buy more than 6 of them–and at that price, you can include other men in the wedding party!

The Elegant Wedding

Perhaps you’d like to pull out a few more stops, and your timeless wedding is a bit more elegant.  You’re making sure that the champagne is French and you wouldn’t be caught dead with fewer than five wedding cake tiers. In this case, a gift that reads pure class is called for. 

Drinks and Cigar Set

Personalized Drinks & Cigar Gentlemen’s Accessory Gift Set, $74.51, get one here

Say to each groomsman both a thank you and let them know plenty of good times are still ahead. This is the true “gentleman’s” gift. The classic silver flask is etched with the name of each groomsman, the date of the wedding, and their “title.” This is also the case with much of the kit, including each of the four stainless steel shot glasses (what man doesn’t feel macho with a stainless steel shot glass??) and the cigar holder. 

The wooden keepsake box is etched with an initial and has the look of a man who might invite you in for Brandy–its appearance from someone’s pocket seems to invite someone to a relaxed meeting in an office with soft leather chairs and walls made of mighty oak.

The Adventurer Wedding

Maybe you met while water skiing or climbing Machu Picchu.  Maybe your wedding is on location, in the desert, or mid-forest! The two of you love adventure and your themed mountain-stream wedding cake is not surprising to anyone.  You may not have a groomsmen present who hasn’t wanted to swing an ax and bring down a mighty oak! Your groom knows what they need–and who doesn’t need this small but mighty tool for any occasion?

Personalized Hatchet Saws

Set of 5 Personalized Hatchet – Saw Mountain – Stainless Steel –, $174.95, get one here

Not only will your groomsmen know you thought of them personally when they get this unique gift, but every time they go on a camping or hunting trip they can actually use this tool, emblazoned with the memory of your wedding, to chop some kindling to start a fire, cut a rope during camping, or even help with small chores around the house! Who knows, you might even inspire a little post-wedding axe-throwing competition!  Is that a tradition now, because if not, it should be!

The axes are 9 inches overall, which makes them big enough to do some real work-but also small enough to be carried around in a small nylon pouch.  The thick, black stainless steel blade should have some weight and can be repeatedly sharpened!

This also makes an adorable gift if your future husband has groomsmen who work in any rural area, as farmers, ranchers or even those who use their hands on a daily basis to get the job done!

The “I’m Just Here to Have a Good Time” Wedding

You’ve decided that beer will be flowing at your wedding, that the park reception is more appealing by the day, and perhaps even a little post-wedding tailgating is in order.  Or maybe that’s what your groomsmen are planning while you two honeymoon in the Bahamas. Sure, you have actually just told your groom that jeans are off the table, but you know it’s going to be the only time he puts on a tie this year, and his groomsmen need to know you’re still here to have fun. 

The Personalized Beer Coozy

Personalized Set of 5 Black Leather Can Coolers for Groomsmen Gifts, $125.99, get it here

This is not just a way to keep the beer cool.  It is also a beautiful keepsake made of black leather with silver, and up to two lines of personalization, you can include a nickname, like “Mike Smith” on the first line, and “Stinky” on the second, if your hubby desires. These cute memories will help your groomsmen remember that special day every time they toast a cold one, or when your team scores, even when you’re all apart.

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