Rainy Saturday Afternoon

I spend quite a bit of time at home working away on photos, emails, etc., and when this past Saturday rolled around I was a little bummed that it was raining in Santa Barbara since I was itching to be outside! (I had a photo session scheduled with Jordan but her mom and I decided to postpone it for brighter weather, seeing as it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to take an 8 month old out in the pouring rain! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Tim and I love shooting in stormy weather though, and we decided not to pass the day away cooped up inside watching movies and sipping a warm drink (which I absolutely love doing from time to time!). Instead, we hopped into our Toyota Tacoma and started driving towards Ojai, for a photo adventure! Along the way we drove by Lake Casitas, detoured on a few roads that looked interesting and pulled off to the side to exercise the creative sides of our brains! We had such a blast!

Tim’s eye for fine art always challenges me to do the same, and rainy days make for a great source of inspiration for just that!

All along our drive there were tons of small rock slides! At times it made me nervous, but we made it through safely :). Here is one rock that made it all the way to the middle of the road, I couldn’t resist getting up close to it for an interesting perspective.

Tim steeling the shot I took just seconds ago ;)! Actually it’s supper fun to see how he photographs the same subject, we tend to approach them in an entirely different way, perhaps that helps us be such a good team! Hopefully he’ll post his shot from this on his blog :).

Umm… not much to say here ;)… just my husband‘s funny way of getting sick shots ๐Ÿ™‚

And the aftermath of him rolling around on the wet pavement! :). My husband’s so awesome! I love him to death! ๐Ÿ™‚

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