Recent engagement shoots for our Santa Barbara weddings

I’ve been soooo busy with the wedding season kicking into high gear for us here in Santa Barbara and with weddings all over the state. So… that means I’ve been doing a lot of shooting and very little blogging. I wish I had time to go through and do a solid post for each shoot, but right now mixing three engagement shoots into one blog post is gonna have to suffice.

We started out with a session for Scott and Sarah at Knapp’s Castle here in Santa Barbara:

Then we met up with Patrick and Nicole in Santa Monica and tooled around on the bluff there before heading to the beach in Malibu for some great sunset pictures:

And then we met up with our friends and neighbor’s Chris and Jen for an engagement session at a location I always forget about but absolutely love – Ellwood Beach/Mesa:

Chris and Jen's wedding photography engagement shoot

We’ve actually already photographed Scott and Sarah’s wedding this past weekend! I should be posting up a few pictures pretty soon, but in case you haven’t gotten enough and want to see new pictures, I’ll give you two tricks… one, head to our wedding site here and then select “recent weddings” to see all of our newest weddings, or sign up for our newsletter which should be coming out soon by clicking here.

7 thoughts on “Recent engagement shoots for our Santa Barbara weddings”

  1. haha, ok, after posting that I feel like I should warn everyone… I’m in LOVE with warm light, and I’m also in love with black and white wedding photos!!

    Santa Barbara always has the creamiest light at sunset and makes for amazing engagement and wedding photography!

  2. I gotta tell you, I LOVE your recent weddings section of your website. It truly shows how amazing you guys are. Such fortunate couples to have chosen you. I just went through your last 6 wedding slideshows – every one of them rocks!

  3. haha… yep, Knapps Castle is totally safe and such a beautiful place to photograph engagements. Santa Barbara has soooo many awesome locations for wedding photographers to shoot.

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