Recent Holga stuff (I finally picked up some film from the lab today!)

Yep… I’ve been shooting the Holga pretty consistently recently at weddings and for fun. Being a mostly digital photographer, I’m not used to having to run to the lab and pick up film, so I remembered today that I had two rolls of film I needed to pick up!! (aww how I love digital and knowing exactly what I got right away! but at the same time, it’s nice every-once-in-a-while to have a surprise like today!!)

Here’s two pictures from Joe and Becka’s wedding:

Wedding Carpinteria Santa Barbara

Wedding Photographers Santa Barbara

And then I also had some pictures from Tim and Holly’s wedding!! (we’re also creating a sample album from their wedding right now!!)

Oh… and this was a special roll of film! I converted one of my Holga’s to shoot 35mm film!! (so instead of a square photo, I got a panoramic on 35mm – basically like 2-3 normal 35mm frames all together!!) I LOVE how they came out!! If you’d like directions on how to do this with your holga (I know you own one!!) click here.

Wedding Photographers Holga Conversion

Wedding Photographers Malibu Holga

Malibu Wedding Photographers Santa Barbara

I seriously really really like the whole panoramic look! We were watching Into the Wild last night at the theater (which if you’re like me and like epic adventures, this is a GREAT movie to watch!!) and I realized just how awesome things look in panoramic!! And the look of the holga in pano is just amazing!!

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