Rick and Renee’s wedding, Whitby Castle, Rye, New York

Rick and Renee’s wedding was nothing short of awesome today!! (The colors out here on the east coast this time of  year are AMAZING!!! I wish the leaves in California did what they do here!)

I’m planning on getting up early tomorrow so I can cruise around and take pictures of all the fall colors along-side of the old architecture (we don’t really have too much of that in Santa Barbara)

Rick and Renee got married at the Most Holy Trinity Church and their wedding reception was at the Whitby Castle in Rye, New York.

Rye New York, Whitby Castle Wedding Photographer

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer, New York Wedding, Whitby Castle

Rye Wedding Photographers, New York Wedding, Whitby Castle Reception Photography

Rick and Renee, Sexy Car Photography, Wedding Witby Castle Reception

Wedding Photographers Whitby Castle Sexy Car Picture

Whitby Castle Wedding Photography, Rick and Renee Wedding, Rye New York

You can check out their entire wedding slideshow here.

3 thoughts on “Rick and Renee’s wedding, Whitby Castle, Rye, New York”

  1. Being a wedding photographer in Santa Barbara (and I guess all of California) I just never get to photograph colors like I did in New York this weekend!!!! The Rye Golf Club made for one amazing splash of color in the background of some of these images! I could have shot pictures for hours of these two in front of the changing leaves!

  2. Wow – you can tell she had so much fun! And what a classic wedding – I love it! Awesome pics!

    So, you got up early to shoot pics of trees, huh? What was it… like 11am?! lol

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