Riding the Flume Trail – Lake Tahoe

In catching up on our recent weddings I just realized I need to add some photos of our trip up to Lake Tahoe to photograph another wedding (pictures coming shortly)

My buddy and fellow wedding photographer Doug Miranda took me for a ride on one of the famous trails in Tahoe, the Flume Trail. It was a blast getting out riding, but wow… that elevation and me not being in the best of shape sure made the first 3 miles of climbing a bit tougher for me than it should have been, but wow, was the climb ever worth the views we got!!!

I borrowed all of these pictures from Doug’s blog, so make sure to cruise over to his site and give him some love.

And of course, as I’m riding I feel like it’s only getting tougher and tougher until Doug points out that my back tire is flat (being new to full suspension, sometimes I don’t notice these things for a while….!)

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