Riding Tunnel Trail With My Boy Seth

That’s ride, I’m starting to go mountain biking again. I used to be VERY into mountain biking a long while back, and then got into trials riding (see video here) and then stopped riding, and now I’m mounting back up again, this time with a rig that has some crazy awesome suspension for bouncing across rocks and flying down mountains at high speeds.

A couple of Sunday’s ago my buddy Seth, his cousin-in-law Jason (yeah, I know, probably not the right wording, but that’s ok, you get the idea) headed up the Santa Barbara mountains to the infamous Tunnel Trail. (being that Seth has been riding for only a few months if that and Jason even fewer months, this was sure to be an exciting ride)

And just a super quick clip of me toward the beginning of the trail (I apologize for not getting us riding a more epic portion of the trail as it’s known for, but for the most part we were walking the 3+ foot drops!!)

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