San Francisco Gold Gate Bridge Engagement Session

When I talk to a couple, I’m most interested in learning about their sense of adventure – be that a love for the outdoors, traveling, epic adventure, or mellow – when we are able to share that connection, things blossom and shoots build around that idea.

For Gloria and Kathryn their sense of adventure leads them outdoors hiking, cycling and just enjoying the abundance of their surrounds outside of San Francisco. Wanting to keep the city as an integral part of their engagement session, we landed on the banks of the San Francisco bay looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Gloria and Kathryn engagement session

Gloria and Kathryn work hard and take time to get outdoors whenever they have a chance. More often than not their adventures lead them north of the Golden Gate bridge.

Golden gate bridge at sunset

Kissing at the golden gate

Golden Gate engagement

Watching these two smile and laugh together was contagious and had me cracking up the entire time we were hanging out.

Golden gate bridge engagement

Their adventure continues this weekend when they have their wedding at the Sonoma Fairmont! I can’t thank Gloria and Kathryn enough for inviting me to hang out with them at one of their favorite spots – the Golden Gate Bridge.

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