Santa Barbara Hiking

I am blessed to not only live in Santa Barbara, but also to be able to get out into the mountains and hike on a regular basis. (even more so now that I decided that in order to look like one of my my wedding photographer buddy’s I need to be hiking every day to lose weight.) I’ve decided that as a wedding photographer it is important to be physically fit.

So, with this in mind, I’ve been hitting the mountains/hills of Santa Barbara for the past week pushing myself hard. I’ve made it my goal to hike up to the top of Cold Springs Falls/Tangerine Falls in the Santa Barbara Front Country several times a week. I hiked this three times last week, and made it up today.

I encountered one snake today (a TINY little thing, just a bit bigger than a pencil in diameter, and maybe 8-10 inches long) and saw what I just assumed were dog tracks. (but, I was reading on a hiking forum today about a recent mountain lion siting on the same trail, so when I hike this trail tomorrow I’ll have to look a little more closely to see if maybe these were cougar tracks)

I hiked sans a t-shirt on the suggestion from my wife that I was getting to be a bit pale in color… YIKES!!

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