Santa Barbara Jesusita Fire photos from on the Mesa

The electricity went out on us today at work, so I packed up my stuff (grabbed all our hard drives from the office to keep them close/safe) and headed home to the Mesa where I found some views of the Jesusita Fire.

Until about 2:30ish today the fire looked like it was just smoldering with no interest in getting bigger… but when our electricity went out around 3:30/4 the fire had gone crazy and the sky had turned black over my business partner Ricky’s house.

Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara turns the sky orange CTO

Santa Barbara Jesusita Fire roars across the San Roque area

Santa Barbara Jesusita Fire casts a golden glow over the mesa

Santa Barbara Jesusita Fire Cloud Plume Wednesday

Santa Barbara's Jesusita Fire burns across town

Santa Barbara Jesusita Fire photos at night

13 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Jesusita Fire photos from on the Mesa”

  1. wow, those are amazing. In a very unfortunate way. I really hope it gets contained soon. Ill keep checking to hopefully see that you guys are alright.

    btw, Ricky is a good friend of a good friend of mine here in OKC. (David Baxter)

    best wishes!

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  3. Amazing photos. you can see the concentrated power generated by heat in these pics. Great angles! Hopefully it will be a long time before you can snap pics like this again…

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