Santa Barbara Jesusita Fire Photos Thursday Night

I headed out for another night of photographing the Jesusita Fire here in Santa Barbara last night with my good buddy and awesome photographer Cody Duncan. (check out his site/blog to see lots of images from the fire this week)

First we headed toward the 154 because we heard rumors that the fire had already jumped the road there, but when we got there realized it hadn’t, but it was getting very very close. The fire crews were staging on the overpass so we grabbed a few shots there before heading up Old San Marcos Pass Road.

It was 81 degrees out all the way through the end of the night when we finally packed up around midnight…. Winds were still blowing strong…






These photos are from when we went up Old San Marcos Road and perched ourselves on the side of the road pretty much directly in the path of where the fire would jump the 154 and waited. When common sense kicked in as the fire started moving more our direction we headed home for the night absolutely covered in ash.







8 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Jesusita Fire Photos Thursday Night”

  1. Amazing pics, Tiim. Glad the common sense kicked in! 😉

    In the bridge pics, was the sky actually red/orange? Or did you bring out stronger colors with Photoshop? Just curious. No matter – the colors are brilliant!

  2. The Jesusisita Fire here in Santa Barbara is for sure lighting up the sky super red/orange…

    No photoshop tricks here… just trying to balance things as I saw them when I was there… just wish I could capture the flames and sky together in the same exposure better… Walls of HUGE flames…

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