Santa Barbara Portraits with the Richters!

I had a blast yesterday taking portraits of the Richter family. They were so adorable and each child had such a unique personality. It was so fun to capture each of them on film! Little Addy stole the day hamming it up in front of the camera.

We went to Chase Palm Park in Santa Barbara. I can’t tell you how many portrait sessions I have done there, lets just say there have been a ton! And Often as a children’s portrait photographer I can find myself getting into a rut sticking to what has worked in the past and producing the same images over and over again. But my heart’s desire really is to make every session unique, creative and visually stimulating. So I challenged myself this time to look for new backgrounds in an area that I was so familiar with; and I am so happy with the results!! Check them out below:

You can check out their entire session by clicking here

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