Santa Barbara’s sea urchin – uni – is world renown

As an avid sushi fan I’m always seeking out new sushi restaurants. Everywhere we shoot weddings I ask around for the best sushi and give it a try. We actually found a pretty decent sushi restaurant in Maui where we photographed Jason and Megan’s beautiful wedding! I was talking to the chef at Sansei Sushi and he mention that their uni was straight from my hometown! I HAD to try it!

I’ve been told that at some point seal or sea lion hunting really wiped out the populations along the coast here and that in turn sea urchin went bonkers in taking over the ocean floor and that all of a sudden Santa Barbara became a mecca for the golden goodness! (honestly, I’m repeating something someone else told me, and I have no clue to the validity of all this.

All this to say, I was doing a fun shoot down at the harbor with my buddy Kenny recently and we stumbled upon the sea urchin boats unloading, and a kind fellow named Juan was showing the sea urchin to some curious tourists… being a curious person myself, I saw he was giving samples of uni straight from the fresh urchin, I couldn’t help myself but to ask for some, and I was immediately in heaven as I ate THE most fresh uni I have ever had, and it was AMAZING!!!

A HUGE thanks to Juan for the freshest uni EVER!

Juan and Uni Portrait Photography Santa Barbara

Baskets of uni photographed by Santa Barbara Wedding and Portrait Photographers

uni itself Wedding Portrait Photographers California Santa Barbara

Portrait and Wedding Photography Santa Barbara Uni

Uni insides Santa Barbara Photographers

Wedding Photographers Santa Barbara Portraits Kids Family

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers Uni

And that all said, I’m actually headed out the door to Arigato (my favorite sushi restaurant EVER) where I recommend you eat at least 50 times in your life!! And at least one of those 50 times try the Gold Shot!

Kenny as seen at ISO 3200 at a really slooowww shutter speed…

Kenny Hyder SEO specialist gone photographer

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