Santa Barbara’s Zaca Fire Smoking like crazy…

The Zaca fire has been burning North of Santa Barbara for more than a month now and has been creating quit the spectacle each afternoon as the winds kick up and the smoke is blown skyward.

When I got to our office the other day I was parking in the garage across the street and saw this great view of the smoke!!! Crazy! It looks like the fire is just about to breach over the top of the mountain. It’s a little misleading though. I talked to one of the firemen at the fire info booths near our place and he said that the fire is about 10 miles from where I live and that it’s headed toward the east, and not south toward us. (he made it seem like no big deal at all… but then kinda slid in to his talk that if we ever saw flames at the top of the mountain that we should then evacuate)

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Well, my good buddy Andrew VanGundy called me shortly after I originally posted this and said the smoke was gnarlier than it’s gotten in the previous month… so I ran outside real quick and snapped off three frames (my lens was too long to get it all in one shot) and put them together in photoshop, so here’s what it looked like today from the street in front of our new office!

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4 thoughts on “Santa Barbara’s Zaca Fire Smoking like crazy…”

  1. Nice seaming, Tim!

    Hey, that’s nothing. From my experience in the San Diego area, if the fire is coming toward you, you’ll feel the need for an oxygen mask, and it’ll look like Christmas with all the ash snowing down on you! lol

    Anyways… I hope the wind doesn’t shift. I know how freaky that can be!

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