Scott and Rina’s Los Angeles Wedding – Millenium Biltmore and Cicada Restaurant

When I was growing up and watching Aladdin the Disney movie, it never crossed my mind that I might be taking pictures of the actor who’s voice was on my TV. But, that’s what happened this last Sunday when we photographed Scott and Rina’s wedding in Los Angeles.

These two are were super chill and fun to hang out with. I always enjoy being a part of Jewish weddings and hearing all of the awesome tradition and Old Testament knowledge that takes place during the Ketubah signing.

Check out their slideshow here, it’s got a bunch more fun photos.

5 thoughts on “Scott and Rina’s Los Angeles Wedding – Millenium Biltmore and Cicada Restaurant”

  1. This is awesome! Except, you forgot to mention that he was also “Steve” on Full House!! 🙂 I absolutely adored him when I watched Full House when I was little (ok, well actually sometimes I still watch Full House) – seriously, super awesome!

  2. Wow Tim! The shots from this wedding look so timeless and classy. Also, I love how there’s so much movement in these last few photos; they truly define “catching a moment in time” when you look at them. Love the shallow depth of field on those getting ready shots, composition is flawless too. NICE! K.I.T.

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