Shipping out food from Santa Barbara ahead to myself on the JMT

Part of hiking the John Muir Trail is shipping portions of your planned food ahead to points on the trail (or close to the trail) where you can pick it up and re-supply as you go.

So, for the last week or two I’ve been grabbing supplies and mixing and matching together the food I’ll eat while backpacking. I did a shake-down backpacking trip over the mountains here in Santa Barbara this past week and realized that packing 1 pound of GORP for each day of the trail was a HUGE mistake, so I had to scramble over the weekend to grab some different foods to pack) Now I’m eating a mixture of dried fruits and smashed up pringles chips (gotta smash them up so they take less room – everything gets re-packaged into ziplocks to save space)

The whole lot of food:

Re-supplying food on the John Muir Trail via mail

I found these bananas that come flattened and ready to go from Trader Joes (I think they’re slightly dried as well) They look pretty gross, but they’re pretty tasty.

Flattened bananas for the John Muir Trail Through Hike

My ultralight mentor Paul Cronshaw took me out with him on a trip into the Santa Barbara back country. We hiked from his house in Montecito up over the top of the mountains and down the back side to Forebush. It was a great trip (101 degrees coming down the mountain at 10 a.m.!!) Here’s Paul showing just how light his pack is:

Shake down for the John Muir Trail with Paul Cronshaw

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