I’m now a photographer with some really old film and crazy fun photos

Thanks to my buddy Tim Meyer I’ve had a chance to play around a bit lately with a beautiful Hasselblad CM camera with one insane 50mm Zeiss lens!! It’s quite heavenly!

And, thanks to my buddies Ryan Becker and Cody Duncan, I have some pretty old film to experiment with in the beautiful camera! (We’re talking film that expired as long ago as 1981! And that’s OLD film to be messing with as you’ll see in some of these pictures)

I shot a few rolls of this old film on a Valentines/wine tasting trip for Cheryl up to Cayucos/Hoppe’s Restaurant with our friends Kenny and Ander Hyder. I wanted to try a few rolls out in preparation for a photo trip I’m taking this week out to Death Valley with a couple of photographer buddy’s of mine. Should be fun!

When Cody gave me the oldest of this film he warned me that it was old… that the film backing will probably have exposed into the film. I didn’t exactly know what that would look like, but hoped it would be a nice added affect. Well, I think it worked out AWESOME!!!

Barn and Film Backing

A different angle and some sepia

Rusti Barn

It looks like it was shot in the 80’s because the film expired in the 80’s!!!!

Old Color film

The ladies

Our ladies and the barn

the ladies relaxing

80’s film and my high-fashion wife!

Cheryl’s high-fashion pose

Kenny and Ander in black and white along with some film backing!

Kenny and Ander in black and white

Kenny and the Barn

Kenny’s apperance in the barn

From a past photo fieldtrip with Kenny – cross processed E6 – as C41

Kenny Cross Processed in Portrait Photography

I shot a lot of pictures holding my camera over my head at weddings to get the right angle. Well, Kenny is taller than me, and I wanted to frame the shot he was getting using his arms… but I did it with a Hassie without looking! Pre-focus, point and shoot from over my head! NICE

No look photography technique

While wine tasting in Paso Robles we got a quick tour from the wine maker at Halter Ranch Winery of one of California’s oldest Oak trees, estimated at 300-600 years old. (don’t ask me why such a wide range…)

Wedding Photographers get to see the coolest things

Photographer’s Dream - California’s Oldest Oak Tree in Paso Robles

California’s Oldest Oak Tree in Paso Robles

I felt like I was shooting an album cover, but totally not! lol (yeah… I’m weird)

The three compadres wine tasting and taking pictures

The parting shot: more film backing, and some SICK trees on the back-road from Cayucos to Paso Robles.

Fine Art Trees by Wedding Photographer Tim Halberg - Santa Barbara

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