Short vacation to Big Sur for camping and fun with good friends

We just got home from a really fun and relaxing trip with some of our college friends from our days at Brooks. We met up with Jesse and Holly (it was Jesse’s b-day and the reason for the trip!) and met Taylor Abeel, Stephen Abbas and Peter Dawson! What a fun group and so much talent!!

My random fence shot:

Big Sur coast wedding photographer’s take on a fence

My beautiful wife flying a kite:


Cheryl flies a kite in Big Sur

Peter and Stephen chilling out on a cliff over the Big Sur Coast


Stephen and Peter on the Big Sur Coast

I borrowed Peter’s tripod and ND filter and basically copied the amazing shot I saw him taking, so beautiful!


The Big Sur Coast at 30 seconds as the sun sets

12 thoughts on “Short vacation to Big Sur for camping and fun with good friends”

  1. haha… I entirely agree! I am by no means a landscape photographer, I’m totally a wedding photographer.

    But, it was one of those shots that I just had to actually shoot for myself one time… 😉

  2. Tim, Sweet images. Amazing web site. The fog image look back south from Big Sur is breathtaking. I love that area and it makes me want to take a road trip really soon with my wife.
    best, marc-

  3. Tim, I always like your landscape pics… and these do not disappoint! In fact, if I had wall space, I’d like that first one framed!

    And that’s super sweet of Cheryl flying the kite. Kudos, Cheryl! I’ve never been good at getting a kite to stay up in the air! lol

  4. thanks for the compliments!!! I used to want to be a nature photographer, but living here in Santa Barbara, I couldn’t help but fall in love with wedding photography.

    This shot and the scenery of the Big Sur Coastline really inspired me and I’m amped to go back!

    Garrett, if you guys ever wanna go, cruise on out here to Santa Barbara and I’ll take you!!!

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