Sienna’s Album

Lately I have really been getting into designing albums, I put together my husband Tim’s sample album, and I had a blast working on Sienna’s little 5×5 coffee table book. Here are some of my favorite pages from her book.

This book just arrived the other day, it was absolutely adorable! I was so excited to be able to hand it off to Sienna’s mom. Albums are so much fun and such a great keepsake to have around. My favorite thing in the house right now is our engagement book that we used as our guest book at our wedding :). Thanks to all of you who signed it and made it so special!

Here is Sienna’s entire album

6 thoughts on “Sienna’s Album”

  1. Hehe, no worries, I simply use photoshop and layout the images as I think they should go on a blank document :). It’s a bit time consuming but it seems to work the best for me at this point in time :).

    Thank you for your compliments!

  2. How cute! When we have a little one you have got to shoot him or her. (No I’m not pregnant nor do I plan to be for another 2 or so years) but I can’t help resist those cute shots. Great job capturing.

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