So I’m selling a ton of stuff on Craigslist right …

So I’m selling a ton of stuff on Craigslist right now. If you’ve never used you’re missing out. I found the place I live in right now on Craigslist, I’ve sold all sorts of things on there, I’ve given away a few couches and washer and dryers on there. It’s GREAT.

So, I was taking pictures of things to sell, and I was just snapping really quick shots, and I ended up with this:

I thought it was a pleasant surprise for a simple and almost pointless shot.

5 thoughts on “So I’m selling a ton of stuff on Craigslist right …”

  1. I second the craigslist comment! i’ve sold so much crap on there… all my Nikon gear! 🙂

    You just have to beware of the lowlife scammers.

  2. The Creative Death

    ha, for a second I thought you were trying to sell those pliers on craigslist…

    I bought my ipod on craigslist, greatest buy I ever made…although I was a little creeped out that I had to go over to someone’s house to get it… but it turned out to be one of my friend’s neighbors (a 6th grade boy) so it was alright.

  3. jiminy cricket, tim, you don’t kid around with your pictures. my photo-a-day would never compare.

    i met you yesterday at rob+sarah’s. i was the one tending to the fish and the seating name tags. it’s nice to have met you. please stay in touch!

    congratulations on your engagement!

    thuy (twee)

  4. Tim!
    How are you? How’s SB treating you? I am in Berlin and miss it. Please take a deep breath of ocean air for me and slow down for a minute to enjoy the place you are in!
    Let me know whats up… oh and congrats on your wedding!



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