Squaw Valley Wedding – Nate and Stephanie

Squaw Valley is one of those wedding backdrops that just never gets old and always has another adventure up it’s sleeve.

The most obvious images from Squaw Valley come from the famous log fence, but Nate and Stephanie took things to the next level with their private estate rental at the top of the valley with aspen trees, a private meadow for their ceremony, and views that seem like they have no end.

squaw valley wedding 01

squaw valley wedding 02

squaw valley wedding 03

The natural grasses within the forest at this amazing Squaw Valley wedding location offered up so many different views, I could have kept taking wedding photos for another three hours!

squaw valley wedding 04

squaw valley wedding 05

squaw valley wedding 06

squaw valley wedding 07

squaw valley wedding 08

After their wedding ceremony Nate and Stephanie took some time to just relax and enjoy the peaceful setting provided by Squaw Valley and let their adventure take them to a different place than most couples are able to escape to.squaw valley wedding 09

squaw valley wedding 10

squaw valley wedding 11

squaw valley wedding 12

squaw valley wedding 13

squaw valley wedding 14

squaw valley wedding 15

We can’t get enough Squaw Valley weddings – they each offer such an opportunity to play and explore on a different level providing an adventure unique to each of our couples who find themselves in this beautiful part of our state.


(I get a lot of requests for the name of this location and/or similar Squaw Valley wedding locations – my best advice is to hit up Heather at Summit Soiree or Stephanie at One Fine Day – these are two of the best coordinators/planners in the area and know all the perfect locations.

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