Stoked to see my buddy Mark Kuroda this weekend in Santa Barbara

Cheryl and I were up in northern California photographing Suneet and Majique’s wedding this past weekend at the Kohl Mansion, and while we were up in that part of the state we decided to visit my good buddy Mark. He’s also a wedding photographer and he’s always so inspiring to be around. I always tell him he over thinks things, but after spending enough time around him I wonder if it’s more that I “underthink” things sometimes. He’s always forcing me to think about stuff that I’d normally just stumble through without really putting my mind to it.

I’m stoked to see him and see how he pushes me this weekend. Here are a few pictures from our time in San Francisco with him last weekend:

Mark Kuroda takes to the air at Crissy Field, San Francisco Weddings

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers in San Francisco Jumping

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers jumping with a tourist

San Francisco and Santa Barbara wedding photographers jumping

After I saw the pictures I realized that I’m not very good at jumping, I need to go out and try again and see if I can’t do some better poses and get a bit more lift (I think after I lose some weight on the John Muir Trail I’ll be able to boost higher!)

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