The Night

The Night

17 thoughts on “The Night”

  1. The Creative Death

    Prety cool! I love the night….

    Except in Portland when its raining and windy and absolutely grotesque outside.
    Then its no good.

  2. u know what’ll be cool? get a shot of the moon behind clouds on a dark night with no lights around…at over a minute shutter-speed!!! THAT should come out nicely^^

    I’d do it myself, but my new cam’s gotta 30 second limit*crumples in a corner and weeps*

    *promptly jumps up again, rushes outside, and tries it anyway*^^

    but, damn. I just ralived i’ll need a tripod…*weeps again*

  3. I’am not agree with Creative Death
    Even if it’s raining ,you can have
    beautifull shots.
    In France we have ,curiously… the same roads and the same public ligthing ( ? ).

  4. –When will you be back? I miss your daily posts. Hope everything is ok…I am going to assume that you are very busy or traveling. Hope to see your new photos soon…

  5. Hello Tim…

    Where are you? I promise to comment on your photos from now on, just please come back and post.

    🙂 pieces of m.e.

  6. It’s amazing how just taking a short glimpse that your photographs can bring back so many memories, even if it’s as simple as sitting in the back seat of a car as I’m sleepily talking to my mother.

  7. hey tim, hope everything is alright, we haven’t heard from you in a WHILE! 🙂 i was just curious to know if you were going to post anymore photos or not. 😉

  8. lonely light is so isolated. it makes no difference in the darkness near it. but on the STREET…hello!

    this makes me happy. i love your blog. yay.

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