The sickest Photoshop tips video EVER

Does have some cussing, so if you’re around young kids or not ready for that, read my post about my backpacking trip…

3 thoughts on “The sickest Photoshop tips video EVER”

  1. wow this is a riot. oh to be a photoshop geekmaster! i find that there has to be a balance – some push it too far… know it but don’t overshop! a fine line. your work doesn’t cross that line. it is perfect! thanks for the constant inspiration.


  2. “You’re a sharp-minded fu-n person!” lol

    “Don’t use that tool. Yeah, that’s a tip.” Wow – too funny!

    I’ve never even used Photoshop, so I have no clue about anything he was talking about, but that was awesome!

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