The wedding AND portrait photography client of the year award goes too….


Seriously, WOW!!!

Cheryl and I drove down to Torrance a little over a week back now to photograph Josh and Michelle’s baby boy Milo. We shot their wedding last year in Palm Springs at the Vice Roy and had such a great time with them then, that we were biting at the bit to get some fun pictures of their little boy this year!!

Needless to say, we were chatting with them, and the subject of the iPod came up. We had just managed to lose our two-year-old iPod somehow and were trying to decide if we should jump and get one right away. They kept telling us how cool the iPod touch was, and how similar it is to the iPhone. (ALL of my wedding photographer buddies have iPhones and I’ve not fully caught onto the craze – until now!!)

Josh and Michele and Milo stoked us out sooooo much when out of the blue they got us an iPod touch!! It arrived at our doorstep the day after we did their portraits!

Having now played with the iPod touch I’m having a really really hard time holding back from wanting the iPhone. Basically the only difference is that the touch does not have 1)Mac Mail, 2)a phone, 3) a camera. Besides that, it’s basically an iPhone. It has wireless connectivity which is WAY awesome!!!

Now if I can just keep my money in my pocket until the second gen. iPhone comes out I should be pretty set!

iPod Santa Barbara Wedding and Portrait Photography

THANK YOU Josh and Michelle and Milo!!!!!

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