The Wedding Photographer Community Rocks!

Being part of the wedding photographer community is an amazing experience. There is no right or wrong way to exist in this industry, and there’s such an eclectic group of us that there’s always something new or different to see and learn.

I love how many awesome friends I’ve made, and especially in our little community of Santa Barbara, all the wedding photoraphers who come together and share and hang out, it’s great!

Yesterday I had the chance to photograph my good buddy Mark Kuroda! He was looking for some portraits of himself, and he asked me to cruise out and shoot for him. What a humbling experience! (It was nice though, because before the shoot, he gifted me with an LV wallet he picked up on the back streets of Hong Kong on a recent trip… let me tell you, that super stoked me out!!!)

I was inspired by my buddy Jose Villa for cropping… he’s always doing these crops into people’s faces, but he does it soooo smooth! I love.

Mark told me to “pose” him… so I told him to go a ways away and run… so I had him running at me, by me, across, and all over… props to Mark for doing all this in the sun, with a suit jacket on!

Things started to get a bit Jack Bauer ish, but it was great!

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