The Wedding Photographer Hair Cut….

When I first started getting into wedding photography I was sooooooo sure there was an exact image I needed to project, and that I needed to start aligning myself with that image. I bought an Audi A4 (now that’s a fun car…) started dressing nicer (I shoulda been doing this anyway) and worried about my hair.

I’ve finally come to realize that there’s nothing wrong with being myself and projecting that in my business, and I LOVE it!

So, when I got my hair cut yesterday I told my stylist to go wild and make the highlights stand out!!! Let’s just say, she didn’t fall short on the highlights standing out!!!!

My question to anyone who’s reading this post is, look at the picture, and tell me, should I add some brown/light blonde dye into my hair to make it more stylish/exciting, or just go with the yellowish gold over the entire top of my dome?

15 thoughts on “The Wedding Photographer Hair Cut….”

  1. I think it looks cool man. You can always add in some streaks at a later stage, so why not keep it this way for a few weeks at least? Though I haven’t got a hair cut in 2 years (well trims here and there to keep my better half happy). So maybe my long hair hippie opinion ain’t so valid! I guess whatever feels most comfortable is best!

  2. Well, in my humble opinion our good lord made you as he intended with hair color ala natural the best way to go. Why mess with what God has given you?

  3. …it’s cool. a couple of lowlights might be nice at some point – . lowlights will make it look a little more natural – while still maintaining the funky look. It’s your hair – if you LOVE it stick with it.
    PS> I have been busy and haven’t had much time for blogging so its been a while…. when I looked at your blog today I thought holy cow look at all this new stuff!!! really fun! Lovin it! I am scouting locations today… but it’s lunch time and I’m glad I took a break to check in.

  4. wow, sick Tim thanks for the info on the 1.0 lens – even though i’m not going to buy one 😉

    I was thinking that you should throw some brown on the dome, I initially thought that even before I started reading what you wrote – though I do think that the cut and color are premium.

    Also, the vertical infra-red shot with the flare is one of my favorite wedding shots of all time – EPIC!

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