This WILL NOT be me at your wedding

Wow and wow (I have no clue who the photographer in this video is, but man… he’s outta control)

I always am amazed at the rules we get when we show up at churches and such:

No going past the last pew of guests

No hard soled shoes

No chewing gum

And on and on…

Usually I just sign the agreement that I won’t be “that guy” without really any clue who “that guy” is… well, here you have it, this is THAT guy:


And wearing jeans to the wedding to top it off!!

7 thoughts on “This WILL NOT be me at your wedding”

  1. i can’t imagine anyone thinking that is ok! but funny play on how close some come to the edge of what’s not acceptable at weddings…

  2. HAHAHA! This is what happens when you have too wide a lens and you never take your eye out of the view finder!

    Can you imagine cringing every time your friends ask “oh my gosh, how did your photographer get these shots?” HAHA

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