Time To Go Shopping Around Santa Barbara For New Eye Glasses!!

It’s been probably 5 years or so since I bought my current set of eye re-focusing devices… (yeah, eye-glasses)

Needless to say, I may be falling out of style faster than anticipated and it’s time to shop for something new.

It’s kind of scary to buy new eye glasses because it changes my “look.” When I got to photographer conferences and such people tend to recognize me really quickly because of my hair and glasses, so purchasing new glasses is like giving up a part of me.

But, I’m always game for change! So, here are hopefully some of the last photos of me with my old glasses sitting here on State Street in my downtown Santa Barbara office:

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer eye glasses

Me from the front of my eye glasses

My "look" with hair and glasses

Next up, a new hair style??!!!!! Maybe…

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