Time to Survive!!!

It looks like all of the details/plans are coming together.

We leave tomorrow morning for a week in the backcountry living off the land.

Leaving Sunday a.m. and returning Friday evening, we’re taking only the bare essentials:

The belt fully loaded

Survival Belt santa barbara wedding photographers

The knife

Wedding Photographer Portraits Santa Barbara Knife

The kit: Belt, Pouch, Cantine, Tin Cup, Knife (the rest I hope not to use, but most likely part of it will come into play…) Emergency Blanket – weatherproof, Flint, Fishing hooks, small rope, wire, mini compass and some other random things like duct tape.

this is it

Pretty darn excited about this!! Our first goal is to head out, get to the backcountry quickly, build a shelter and a fire and start surviving!

I will be bring a camera and video camera… possibly all just my point and shoot… (this will be well documented and posted on the blog later!)

Anyone wanna start a pool on how much weight tim will lose while trying to survive from the land?

9 thoughts on “Time to Survive!!!”

  1. How ’bout 2 cantenes? The more water the better (I’m thinking survival, b/c I love you!) – PLUS it’s more weight that you’ll be carrying, which will help you lose weight, right?! lol

    Guys lose weight pretty quickly (not fair!). So, I’d say 20 pounds.

  2. are you surviving????? : ) Can’t wait to hear if you made it?… oh yeah – I think 10lbs. But then we have to figure in all the muscle you will be gaining… Muscle does weigh more than fat….
    Can’t wait for the news!

  3. Dude it’s been too long since we’ve hung out. I hope you’re still alive and I get to hear first hand about eating bugs and stuff when you return.

    Make sure to be the hunter and not the hunted.

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