Today was another busy day in Hawaii. I did get a…

Today was another busy day in Hawaii. I did get a chance to watch the sun set over the ocean though, and that was AMAZING!!! 🙂 Though a bit quick…

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  1. yep, fallingangel is right on my level.. lol I WANNA BE THERE!!!! 🙁
    looks beautiful.. thanks for making me JEALOUS! hee hee j/k 🙂

  2. I like ur blog…. it’s amazing…. I have a blog with a lot of photos too, at ‘’, come and visit it! Good job!

  3. i’d just like to say that you’re an amazing photographer and that the lightning shots are tops!

  4. Check this blog everiday is for me an obligation. Your photos are simply the best.
    Love from Venezuela
    Jose A.

  5. hi i saw your blos and its very interesting all your photos are beautiful and amazing I also love photos and im studyng photography and then I will make movies…..take pictures every day I will try to put my photos too you are making an amazing work congratulations I hope that you will see my blog bay… take caree

  6. came here thru Arun Verma’s BLOG.. and am i happy or what… your fotos are amazing…

    Just loved them…

    Happy Clicking…


    You need to just make a book of all your work. It would sell. Do a book with 365 images, one a day for the year… That would be dope.

    Plus I get 10 percent for the idea 🙂


  8. Wow, I love your pictures!!!! I’m a photography major and just love looking at other peoples work. Very cool.

  9. Awww… you guys are soooo awesome and nice. Seriously, don’t even worry about asking if you can link to my blog, I’d be more than happy if you did.

    I can’t wait to show you guys the pics from tonight’s wedding. 🙂

  10. ehi!good work…i like your photo.Owever, why don’t you go to say my photo and give me your impression?
    sorry for my bad-english

  11. I’m seriously considering re-marrying in Hawaii LOL! I hope you have more pics of Hawaii and look forward to wedding pics! 🙂 I have to check your website each day now LOL! 🙂 Therapy for me in my world of changing diapers and picking up toys 🙂

  12. Great job with those photos!! You captured the life of every object! Im looking forward for your other photo collection 🙂

  13. Wow! Seeing all your photos man I must say I am impressed. I don’t have photos but you can check me out at “Blog Pad”. I will be checking out your site everyday just to give me a beautiful image in my brain amongst the ugly I see on a daily basis. Thanks man for reminding me of the awesome beauty this world encompasses.

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