Tooling around in New York for the next week,…

Tooling around in New York for the next week, should have some decent shots coming soon…

8 thoughts on “Tooling around in New York for the next week,…”

  1. The Creative Death

    “New York is a friendly town.”
    You should go totally Weegee/ Arthur Fillig and get shots of random people. That’d be pretty sweet.
    Hope you have a fantastic time!

  2. I noticed that you were using a point and shoot camera so now I know that I can take decent pictures with one and get good photos. I simply need to wrok on my technique.

  3. I have been checking out your blog for the last couple weeks and I love your perspective and how you see things through your camera. Thanks for sharing them with the world! I have just one question, who are the two people with you o your trip to New York?

  4. Good shot of H&M, it’s my favorite place ever!
    I’m so jealous of all you get to see, but you capture things so well, I feel as though I am there.

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