Trials riding at Stoney Point Park in Chatsworth

I used to ride trials (a sport where you ride you bike over obstacles/rocks/cars… without putting your feet down) and just this last week a few of the local California riders got in touch with me and let me know of a ride this past weekend. So, Sunday afternoon I grabbed my bike and cruised down to Chatsworth for some fun riding on a bright sunny day. I managed to remember my camera and snagged these pictures of my buddy Shawn Miller riding a pretty sweet line in some rocks while a rock climber made his way up a route in the background!

Santa Barbara Wedding Trials Riding

3 thoughts on “Trials riding at Stoney Point Park in Chatsworth”

  1. …this looks really sweet but also REALLY insane and Dangerous!!!! Scary. I duno I think its a mom thing… ha ha

    -oh and thanks for the flare info. : )

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