Trying to decide who to vote for? Check out this link

Not to get political, but it’s in our face every day right now with the primaries coming up for many of us (and past for others) but who will you vote for? Why?

Honestly, I’m still weighing these out, and trying to do a better job than in the past about having clear reasons for why I’m voting.

But, being the somewhat lazy guy that I am, I definitely checked out the “Select a Candidate 2008” site to see who they felt I most lined up with. Only 14 questions and you can find out who you should vote for. 😉

See, now you don’t need to watch anymore debates, you can just take this quiz and relax until it’s your turn to vote.

And because I hate posting without a picture of something, here’s a few shots I got while shooting with my buddy Doug Miranda this past weekend at Firestone Vineyards/Crossroads Estate:

Josh and Brandy’s Firestone Winery/Crossroads Estate Wedding
Love was in the air at Josh and Brady’s Firestone Winery in Santa Ynez

Santa Ynez Wedding of Josh and Brandy at the Crossroads Estate

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