Two photographers named Tim riding their bikes in Santa Barbara

I recent got a mountain bike again. I used to race pretty serious and did bike trials, but once I went and started working for myself, my boss wouldn’t let me go out and ride nearly as much, but with the addition of my new mountain bike I’ve been riding more again.

My buddy Pat just hooked me up on a brand new bike this week and I was amped to get it built up and try it out on the trail. Well, my buddy and fellow photographer Tim Meyer had scheduled a ride with me yesterday, so I had the perfect chance to test out my bike and go riding for the first time since being sick last week.

Tim pushed me hard and we had a blast both breaking in fresh bikes. Here’s a couple quick point and shoot photos during a rest stop. (And just so happens this is the same exact spot where I got a quick flat while riding back down)


Santa Barbara wedding photographer rides mountain bikes

If you live in Santa Barbara and want to go mountain biking (and have a bike) hit me up! I need to get out more regularly!!!

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