Universal health care – Michael Moore’s “Sicko”

Cheryl and I watched Michael Moore’s “Sicko” documentary recently, and it left us both with our jaws on the floor trying to figure out why America can’t get on the boat of Universal Healthcare.

Universal Healthcare for wedding photographers in Santa Barbara

As self employed wedding photographers here in Santa Barbara, we’ve had to make decisions on insurance, and what level of insurance to pay for. This has been a mind boggling experience and probably the biggest area where I’m jealous of my friends who work for big corporations and have great medical benefits.

Amazingly enough, living in other countries you don’t need medical insurance (don’t tell the insurance companies this in America… they might freak out!) Even in Cuba they get free medical care (and don’t scoff at the comparison of American healthcare to Cuba… they rank something like 13th best country in the world to America’s ranking of 12th…)

Well, ever since becoming self-employed I have been dumbfounded as to how we can live in a country that is advanced as ours with a socialized school system, a socialized postal system, a socialized military (that’s stretching it huh?) and so on… and yet our medical system remains privatized and in as such making a killing of our own people.

I won’t go into all the details of the movie, but wow… was I ever blown away at what our country has done politically to ensure we don’t have Universal Health. 🙁 It makes me sad. The sick in our country should be taken care of, regardless of if they can afford it or not. Decisions about your health shouldn’t come down to how much you can afford.

It was shocking to learn that Hilary Clinton, a one time HUGE proponent of Universal Health, has become a tool like all other politicians and has been paid off by the health care industry to drop her stand on Universal Health and shut up about it. It was sad to see how American politicians have used the term “Socialism/Socialized” in regards to Univesal Health to cast it in a negative light for our “anti-socialist” nation so that we would steer clear of this type of health system.

It was sad to see how the health care system pays people to turn down health claims, and the more claims these people are able to turn down the more of a bonus they receive… all at the expense of individuals who truly need care.

Alright… I’m off my high-horse and I apologize for the rant, but seriously, go watch this movie. I don’t care if you don’t like Michael Moore, this is a good movie to open your eyes to what we’re missing out on here.

Just curious, how many of you reading would support universal health and how many of you would oppose it, and why?

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